Talks & Lectures

Wilf speaks regularly to audiences around the world. His talks are amusing and anecdotal - lasting around forty-five minutes they can include a question and answer session if required.

Wilf ScottAs an after-dinner speaker Wilf provides a unique focal point for the audience and something to ensure they remember the event. He is a naturally entertaining, memorable, and funny speaker whose stories can equally be serious and thought-provoking - Wilf's audiences enjoy a roller-coaster ride of his explosive adventures From Pits to Palaces!

His stories are full of warmth and human interest and not solely restricted to the world of fireworks. However, as one of the world's finest firework show designers, his stories wll astound any audience.

Wilf receives his MVO from the Queen, August 2002He has worked in the world of entertainment at the highest levels and his clients include truly international stars such as Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Wham, Bon Jovi, Oasis and many, many more too numerous to mention. His corporate clients have ranged from companies as diverse as P&O to George Harrison's Handmade Films.

In addition, his competition and display work has taken him several times around the world with major highlights in Valencia, Monaco, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Calgary and Madrid, together with a lengthy period spent working throughout the Middle East.

Contact Wilf to discuss your requirements and rates.

PowerPoint and projector equipment is needed if visuals are required.

Note: Technical details such as chemistry, equipment and elements of show design etc. will not form part of the talk but speeches can of course be tailored to a client's specific requirements.