Wilf's career in the fireworks industry:

  • Partner with Tim Hunkin in Phlegathon Fireworks
  • Director of Festival Fireworks
  • Freelance
  • Director of Le Maitre Fireworks
  • Director of Pyrovision
  • Semi-retired Freelance

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Early Fireworks

With Tim Hunkin at Barsham Fair, Suffolk early 70s.

With Tim Hunkin at Barsham Fair, Suffolk early 70s.

Preparing to fight dragons with flame throwers at Pickett's Lock...getting fried in the process.

Middle East


10 years of shows in Oman for tattoos, national days, Sultan's wedding, Queen's visit.

Fort Jalali in Oman.

Fort Mirani in Oman, lancework on Lift Tower of Sultan.


Abu Dhabi

Goats eating quick match in Abu Dhabi.


Firework barge off causeway for national day.

Mobile mortar battery for Emir of Bahrain flag shells.

Rock 'n' Roll

Pink Floyd "Animals" Tour

Sheep shell.

Preparing pig for detonation at the end of show in America and the waterfall back stage.

Rolling Stones early 80s

Napalm and dye shells.

Urban Jungle.

Rotterdam, early 80s.


Tubular Bells 2, Mike Oldfield.

Lisdoon Varna Festival, Ireland late 70s.

Wham the Final, Wembley Stadium roof rig and money shot.


20 years working on Fallas and Mascleta.



UK Shows


27 years of "End of Festival" show, the largest pyro-musical show with a live orchestra in Europe.

Early Edinburgh rig


Flare sequence


P&O 150 years at Greenwich

Thames Day, Festival Hall

Floating pontoons for André Previn concert, Hyde Park.

Forth Bridge centenary

Brocade at the Albert Memorial reopening after restoration.

G7 Buckingham Palace

Stage pyro, VE Day

Queen's Golden Jubilee
Image on right © Louise Stickland, courtesy Unusual Services Ltd


Container ship in Repulse Bay, Hong Kong - first show for ship naming

"Arcadia", Southampton naming


Eiffel Tower, guest designer on Bastille Day

Hong Kong, Chinese New Year