Mr Shopstep came out of his house and I noticed he had a
hand sticking out of his ear
"Mr Shopstep" I cried
" Whot do you want,? I thought you went north to find unusual shaped pebbles"he scowled
"Not yet thats next week,the pebble soceity is meeting at
Redcar next Tuesday,I just thought you would like to know
you have a hand sticking out of your ear."
Suprised he said," Oh really!,I was out on my bike this
morning and I went to the Handyman store it must have come
from there ".
" Well its starting to rol a cigarette!"I observed
" Oh dear I dont smoke,this is the thin end of the wedge".
he said despairingly.
Sharpe as a knife I suggested,"What if you put a thick
glove on it,then it wont be able to roll a cigarette."
" You stick to your pebbles,and I will deal with my hand."
he said rather bruskly.
I went back indoors and thought thats the last time I give anybody a hand.
I didnt realise how true that was until I tried to make a
cup of cocoa,I could not stir the drink as my right hand was
missing,the funny thing was I do not even smoke.