Saving Time
It was a nice morning,I looked out of my bedroom window into the garden,all was well.Then I looked into next doors garden it was with some surprise I noticed Mr Petri with his sleeves rolled up surrounded by clocks.
There was his grandfather clock(I had seen it in his hallway when I went round to offer some of my spare sand)a grandfather clock,several mantel clocks and in his hand a carriage clock.Nothing untowaard you might say just spring cleaning clock day.You could not be further from the truth,
because he was vigoursly shaking the carriage clock into the mouth of a large hessian sack with a draw string on the open end of the sack.After a few shakes he put the clock down and tightened such that the sack was securly closed.He put down the carriage clock and lifted up a mantel clock,quite small with a brown wooden case with some fine inlay which I could clearly see at this distance.He opened the sack and shook the mantel clock into the open aperture!My first assumtion that it was cleaning clock time was evidently a crass conclusion.I could not bear it any longer
and opened the window and asked Petri what he was doing?A knowing smile greeted my querie,"I am saving time you old fool."was the somewhat harsh reply.
"What do you mean saving time ?"I asked
"Think"he said frustrated with my ignorance,"How much time must be stuck in all these clocks?this one for instance has run since 1932 thats years of hours and minutes"
"So why are you shaking them into a sack?"I asked with genuine interest.
"My God you are such an empty headed sand supplier,think of all the time that has passed and been recorded by all these instruments,do you get a waste tray with a clock when a new purchase is made?I dont believe you do.So my friend what happens to all the time that has inside these clocks,it stays inside doesnt it?As it is used time it will not have the potential of future time but it does have some useful residue".
"Oh really "!I said somewhat askance at this concept,"But why the sack?"I said boldly.
"Oh dear some people live in such dark recesses,away from knowledge and enlightenment"he said.
Not to be cajolled by this condesention I repeated,"Why the sack?"
"I dont want the used time to be diluted anymore than it already is,if I shook out the old time from the clocks onto the lawn I would have to sweep it up and much could be disseminated by the breeze.Also a hessian sack is more condusive to old time as it is now regarded as a somewhat obsolete material,you will notice most sacks are of durable
plastics nowdays."
I couldnt fault his logic and I had noticed the somewhat gaudy colours used in the modern plastic sack,hessian is more condusive to old time.
"What do you do when the sack is full?"I asked,now bacoming intrigued by the process and wondering if there was any possibility of earning a shilling or two out of the contents,the purveying of small bags of sand was going through a bad patch at the moment.
"The sack is rarely full,"he said,"as old time takes up very little space"
"Well,why do you use such a big sack.?"I asked.
"I dont want to crush it you fool,it has to have lots of space to settle also old time from one clock might not want to mix with old time from another,as the time passed by one clock may be silent and peaceful,whereas the time passed by another might incude violence and murder,not that the latter is likely in any of my clocks as my wife died of natural causes and so did the budgie!!!"
"OH I can see quite clearly now".I said,"What happens when you have emptied all the clocks and the time is in the bag?"
"That is quite obvious,"he said,"you have to put the full sack in the oven on a low heat for 1 hour,until old time is dehydrated and reduced in volume to the size and thickness of a postage stamp,then and only then can you remove it from the sack with sugar tongs,it may be hot,I then put it with my other tablets of time for later use."
"Later use?"I asked getting more curious as the process unfolded.
"Yes "he said,"ONe never knows when you might need a few extra minutes to get ready for work,or that extra hour to finnish that article on eel fishing,or indeed save them all up for the end of your life you might get an extra day or two."
"How do you get the time back?"I asked.
"Isnt that obvious,you soak them overnight in weekly fluid then sprinkle the marinade on your head!"
"Oh silly me!"I quipped."of course its so obvious."
I decided to terminate my enquiries I felt that I had learned enough,and did not feel like questioning further as he was well respected in the neighbourhood for his copious knowledge of metal.
I gave a cheery wave and closed the window,I didnt want any wind blown time in my bedroom it might cause me to over sleep and that wouldnt do with the sand market is at the moment.???????