Now here is a thing!

There is no-no its all tubular and in 3mertre lengths with an option of 7 different bends which are reversable,used pointing upwards and downwards,giving a possible direction
if used indvidually of 7x4 but used in a combination of two or three,changing it through single degrees would produce endless combinations.The direction is not totally
arbitrary,it is controlable but given the diversity of directions it nearly impossible to complete the exploation.
However each position of the apertures has to be manipulated
by hand,so choice plays an important role in the movement.
This being the case the limiting of choice will begin toward
the end of the manipulations because after several hundred
directional changes you will be forced into using the final few.the extension of this form of logic brings us dangerously close to altering the whole structure of soceity
because if all conceptual analasis were based on comparisons
of pipe lengths and bends ,presumably in 1/2 inch copper being the most readily available and most durable.Due to the
nature of peoples asperations being somewhat akin to hot water, if not steam,and certain new year asperations of some
individuals being pressurised into white hot steam.The only danger of this kind of comparison if taken to the ultimate
extreme would need the combination of two profesions,that of a phyciatrist and a plumber:on the other hand this may be
an advantage socially as the two professions are poles apart
at present.The plumber could fit into physcoanalitical surgery as lab technitian subtley changing pipe directions as the patient expresses more direction in terms of the future,life and everything.Thats all I have got to say about